Are You Ready to Discover The Secret to What’s Been Holding You Back from Achieving the Success, Recognition, Wealth, and Happiness You Know You Deserve?

From: Tom Terwilliger

Founder, Coaching Leadership Excellence

There is a secret psychology for success, a growth mindset and it has nothing to do with education, experience, know how, or even money.  Most people struggle their entire life and never even know that they have everything it takes to be massively successful…except one thing, the most important thing, and if you don’t posses it in quantity you will never, ever, ever break free of where you are and get to were you want to be.” –Tom Terwilliger

Hi I’m Tom Terwilliger, President of Coaching Leadership Excellence and NLP Master Practitioner. But like so many other professionals I’ve experienced the pain and frustration of being financial broke, unable to achieve success, or even think or dream big all because of my own negative inner blueprints and lack of confidence.

Do you mind if I share a short story with you?

There I was facing the greatest job opportunity of my life, the moment I had been hoping for even working for the past several months. My heart was pounding out of his chest, my mouth was dry and for some reason I couldn’t put two words together…even in my own head. I had completely forgotten what it was I was going to say.

I anxiously sat up in my chair and began sizing up the competition. I actually imagined that every applicant in the room, except me, had an impressive resume. Resumes that would make mine look like crap. All I could hear in my own head was…that annoying inner voice telling me…”Who are you kidding. You don’t have enough experience! You only have one lousy certification! You’re too young, your shoes are too old, and all these guys all look like they know what their freaking doing! I’ll bet they all have master’s degrees! What the hell am I doing here… I don’t have a chance in hell at this!

I allowed that self defeating inner voice to talk me out of winning
before I even gave myself a chance. It wasn’t the first time and
it wouldn’t be my last.

…for years I made excuses to myself and everyone else as to why I wasn’t further along in my career, why I didn’t have a solid relationship, and Why I wasn’t making the kind of money I should have been making!!!!

How Many Opportunities Have You Walked Away From, Avoided, or Never Even Attracted Because of Fear, Doubt, or Insecurity?

I’m betting there has been a thousand different scenarios where Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty, and a Lack of Confidence has also cost you big time.

Think about…think about a moment, a specific moment, perhaps it was a month ago, or a week, or maybe it was just yesterday when your lack of confidence stopped you from taking action, from doing, experiencing, or having something that you really wanted in your life.  Maybe it was that job you really wanted but didn’t follow through on…or maybe you lacked the confidence to ask your clients for a simple referral…or maybe you couldn’t muster up the guts to walk 10 feet to meet the man or women of your dreams! And so they slipped a way…or worse yet, they were swept away by someone with more confidence.before you were able to find the courage to make your move.

Most of us don’t even like to admit that our lack of action or success has anything to do with confidence or the lack there of. Instead we find all sorts of excuses for not making stuff happen “I just don’t have time for that right now” or “It’s not what you know but who you know” or “What are you kidding me? You need a lot of money to start a business” and so on, and so on, and so on.

Listen, FEAR is a part of everyone’s inner blueprint…

it’s part of our instinct for self preservation.

But “the difference between those people who are rich and successful and those people who are not…is that rich/successful people act in spite of fear and poor/unsuccessful people allow FEAR to stop them.Harv Eker

If your inner blueprint also includes stacking DOUBT, WORRY, UNCERTAINTY, TREPEDATION, and LIMITING SELF BELEIFS, on top of FEAR and INSECURITY at those moments when you need CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, INNER STRENGTH, and POSITIVE SELF BELIEFS…then you have got to change that inner blueprint NOW if you are ever going to change your ability to create and enjoy what you really want in your life!

But . . .Can You Change?

I Went From Making $10 per hour as a Fitness Instructor to Winning the National Bodybuilding Championships (Mr. America), Owning Two Hugely Successful Athletic Clubs, Hosting a ‘Fox Sports Net’ TV Show, and Making High Six Figures in Less Than One Year!

You Can Change!

You Can Be Wildly Confident!

INNER GAME of Confidence | Tom Terwilliger

Winning the Inner Game of Confidence… is a powerful 6 week life transforming, action oriented, time and science proven program that will change your inner blueprint for success forever and help you create an entirely new model for obtaining anything you want in life including wealth, career, relationships quickly and easily.

I started out with very little confidence, tons of insecurities, and a belief that I really wasn’t that great at anything…along with all the fear, doubt, and pain that goes along with it.

When you have that kind of disempowering belief about yourself, you simply can not and will not succeed.

If you don’t believe you are great…not necessarily “better than everyone else” but you simply know that as a human being you are fantastic and have true greatness inside

you…then you will very likely continue to prove to yourself and the world that you are mediocre or less.

Everything you do will be half-ass, sub-par, and certainly less than magnificent…You’ll never move all the way up the ladder, you’ll always struggle to make ends meet financially, and you’ll always bring all sorts of crap and baggage into your relationships.  You will be miserable just like I was.

I lived with that crap for years…until I figured it out and learned exactly how to increase my confidence and self esteem…and it happened almost overnight. 

What’s holding you back from making the money you want, being respected in your career, and becoming a champion, is exactly what was holding me back. And guess what? It has nothing to do with other people, bad circumstances, bad luck, or even a lack of intelligence, good looks, or money… the real problem is YOU. Not that you’re defective, or broken, or that you were born under a black cloud. It’s simply you are missing something. You’re missing a high level of CONFIDENCE and Self Esteem. 

When I came to that conclusion about myself. I made the decision to learn as much as I could about the PSYCHOLOGY OF CONFIDENCE.  I refused to believe that it was only through the long hard road of experience, trial and error, hit and miss, success and failure that I had any hope of improving my self confidence.  After all, under that model I had as much a chance of developing new references for failure and defeat as I did for success.  After all I had witnessed on a number of occasions athletes who “really tried”, who “worked hard”, “gave it their all”, then competed, lost, and quite…only to have their self confidence shattered in the interim. I was one of them…thank god I didn’t quit!

I knew there had to be another way…a better way…a faster way. I knew that if I was going to be successful I would have to start working on what was going on in side my head…I had to work on winning my inner game of confidence”

“This powerful life changing program is the culmination of techniques, strategies, and principles I used to absolutely transform my life and the lives of countless clients and collogues from fear and doubt based to courage, certainty, and confidence based…from loser to winner.”

As an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Strategies/Success Coach, and Master Trainer it has been my good fortune and responsibility to help hundreds clients manifest real, lasting, and effective change in the areas of confidence, motivation, and focus.

But, I have never forgotten the challenges I had to overcome as a young trainer and body building struggling to make it.  More importantly it breaks my heart every time I see someone with massive potential, promise, and possibility, throw it all away and settle for mediocrity or less simply because they are allowing fear and insecurity to stand between them and their potential.

I’ve spent the past 18 months passionately putting together these time and science proven principles and strategies into an easy, fun, and most importantly effective course so that you can quickly create the success transformation that would otherwise take years…or never happen at all.  

Chapter 1- HOW CONFIDENT ARE YOU? – Creating the ability to self assess your current confidence level or lack there of is the first step in creating a new and powerful inner GPS for getting where you want to go and creating what you really want.

Chapter 2- CREATING YOUR CONFIDENCE ROLE MODEL – Who is it you admire for their ability to act even in the face of fear or doubt? Who do you have to become to be the one they admire for the very same reasons? You will become it.

Chapter 3- VALUES AND BELIEFS – What would you risk it all for? Recognizing and understanding your core motivators and beliefs will create a powerful ability to shift or change what does not serve you or is holding you back.

Chapter 4- DESTROYING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS – We all have that negative inner voice…but when we allow it to control or stop us we lose the ability to move forward. You will learn how to overcome or silence your inner doubts.

Chapter 5- OVERCOMING THE NAY SAYERS – Surrounding yourself with people or friends that destroy your confidence is the kiss of death. You’ll learn how to recognize and eliminate these outside success stopping influences.

Chapter 6- FEELING CONFIDENT “ALL THE TIME”– You will understand and create the ability to control your focus, physiology, and inner language and model your own inner confidence role model to be powerfully confident “all the time.”

**** Guaranteed Life Changing Benefits ****

“Winning the Inner Game of Confidence”

You will create the ability to effortlessly double or triple your income without learning one single new marketing, business, or accounting strategy.
You will gain a powerful understanding of where you are in your life and what areas are not were you would like them to be because of a lack of confidence, fear, insecurity, or doubt.
You will learn to model the areas of your life where you already have confidence and the ability to take action and create the inner and outer strategies to overcome fear and take effective action in all the other areas of your life.
You will create your inner confidence role model and when needed you will be able to ask and answer “What would my role model do in this case?” Then you will condition in as part of your new success blueprint the “ask and answer” response until it becomes automatic and you yourself become the Confidence Role Model.
You will get crystal clear on exactly what it is you want in your life.  You will create with absolute certainly new empowering objectives and outcomes along with an unstoppable belief in your ability to take the actions needed to make it happen.
You will eliminate the old disempowering beliefs that have been holding you back for so long and create new and empowering Values and Beliefs that will automatically and unconsciously move you with lightning speed towards the outcomes you desire.
You will build the emotional muscle of your inner warrior. You will develop the strength and courage of a true warrior and the ability to tame the serpent of fear and doubt in your own head.
You will strengthen your ability to shut off that annoying negative inner voice that has been talking you out of doing what you already know deep down inside you
capable of.
You will recognize and no longer tolerate negative external influences. Your new emotional muscle will give you the strength to change or eliminate from your life the things or people that have been dragging you down.
You will learn how to use your body, your mind, and your language to influence your ability to feel confident, self assured and strong all the time.
You will gain or increased the ability to positively influence your clients, co-workers, significant other, and anyone you want any time you want.

The Challenges You Will Solve With The
Inner Game of Confidence Program

  • Unable to Assert Yourself (Afraid To Say “No”)
  • Feeling Worthless
  • “Freezing Up” in Social Situations (Tongue-Tied)
  • Stuttering/Stammering
  • Avoiding People
  • Fear of Rejection
  • A Negative “Inner Voice” Always Putting You Down
  • Difficulty Looking People in the Eye
  • Fear Of Speaking to the Opposite Sex
  • Anxiety Meeting New People
  • Sweating/Blushing

Sound like some of the things you’re determined to change?

Here’s What You Get…

INNER GAME of Confidence | Tom Terwilliger

With The Complete 42 day
Inner Confidence Transformation Program

You Will Receive

  • The 8 Hours Downloadable MP3 Digital Quality Audio File

  • The Six Chapter Written PDF Course

  • The Powerful 10 Exercise Workbook

Confidence Self Assessment
Confidence Strength Evaluator
New Actions for Success
What your Determined to Master
Create Your Confidence Role Model
Empowering Your Beliefs System
Analyzing Your Thoughts
Your Confidence Destroyers
Embedded Learning
Mastering the Physiology of Confidence

All the Programs are delivered to you digitally within minutes of your investment.

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

A Simple Promise and

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Test-Drive Winning the Inner Game of Confidence Completely Risk Free for a Full 60 Days. If This System

Doesn’t Improve Your Confidence and

Prepare You for Real World Confidence

Challenging Situations

Better, Faster, and for Less Money Than Any

Other Program-Anywhere –

I’ll Pay You Your Money Back!

We make this confident promise and back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee because we know the Inner Game Of Confidence  will provide you with the powerful building blocks for creating the measurable and quantifiable results of increased inner confidence.

If this comprehensive program isn’t everything we say it is (and more), just return the course and we will promptly issue you a full refund for the entire cost of the product. And there’s no pressure. You have the next fifty nine to decide. And if you do decide that for any reason you would like to return the program you get to keep all the special bonuses absolutely free.

Why do we give you a full 2 months? Our guarantee is intentionally designed to enable you to complete the training and implement the step-by-step system. There is a tremendous need for well-trained competent and most importantly CONFIDENT Fitness Professionals and we want you to make a great living helping others succeed.

The entire Inner Game of Confidence Development Team is confident you’ll receive so much more value than the small price of the program, that we ALL stand behind this commitment.


“Don’t” Commit Right Now!

I “don’t” want you to commit to this program right now…unless you feel you are ready for the positive changes that it will create in your life.

If you “don’t” feel ready…”Don’t” buy! It’s that simple. The fact is not everybody is ready for real change nor are they ready to fully commit to taking the action needed to make those changes happen.

Unless you’re ready “DON’T” BUY. 

But do ask yourself WHY?  And if the answers have anything to do with Fear, Doubt, or Uncertainly then you tell me…do you or don’t you need this program?  

So before making this commitment…ask your self the following questions just to make sure it is the right move for you.

Am I completely satisfied with my ability to consistently take action even in the face of fear and doubt?
Do I ever doubt my ability in situations even though I have training and skill?
Am I taking full advantage of or am I avoiding the opportunities available to me?
Am I ever afraid to speak up and voice my opinion?
Do I find all sorts of excuses for not being further along in my life?

Buy this life changing program today. Only if you answered YES to any one of those questions!

I never thought of myself as not having confidence. I had no problem stepping out on the dance floor, walking up and meeting people, even taking on new sports with massive success. But something was holding me back in my career! It was a lack of belief in myself and my ability to succeed. That one area was making me miserable.

After working with Tom and the Inner Game of Confidence It took me less than one year to go from complete Personal Training rooky to being hired as the lead trainer and head of the PT department at one of Denver’s hottest clubs… with confidence.

Keith Bailey, CPT SPN

Lead Exercise Specialist, Matrix


In every aspect of our lives, confidence is not only a must, but more a crucial component to any success at all. Tom has the solution to overcoming any hidden subconscious sabotaging that may be standing between you and your ultimate success. How do you know if you have subconscious blocks?

Tom taught me that to discover this just ask one simple question. Do you have all the money, success, passion and satisfaction that you want? If the answer is no than you may have some kind of barrier that is inside of you that needs to be reprogrammed to make the path between you and your peak potential a straight shot instead of a winding, confusing path filled with defeat and obstacles. Tom has the answers and has made it his passion to teach it to others.

Jason W. Sisneros CEO

Jason W. Sisneros Ventures INC.

Author of “Destiny’s Doorstep”


Tom and Dawn’s Inner Game of Confidence program is not about reading, contemplating, or even talking about improvement. It is about action, doing, and the changes that occur both inside and out as a result. Nothing worth while has ever been achieved without the courage and confidence to take the first step. If you want something awesome to happen in your life, you have to make it happen.

Shawn Phillips

CEO Founder ‘Full Strength Meal Replacement’

Author “Absolution”


Knowing Tom Terwilliger, I know that any product that he produces is top notch!
The Inner Game of Confidence is no exception. I’m looking forward to completing the entire program myself.

Shawna Kaminski CPT, BSPE

Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship

Two-time overall winner of “Toughest Calgarian Alive”


I have almost 60 clients that weekly put their trust in me as a result of the confidence developed and reinforced over the past 13 months.
You are dialed in!

-Rich DiSanto N.E.S.T.A. CPT


The techniques and strategies in The Inner Game of Confidence will produce massive changes in anyone willing and ready to receive them. Tom and Dawn not only talk the talk, and walk the walk, but also know how to teach it. This program will be an amazing experience for you.

-Maggie Connor


Tom and Dawn’s Inner Game of Confidence program is a must for anyone looking to take their life to the next level. I used to believe that either you have confidence or you don’t. I was wrong. You can get it!

Confidence comes with a belief about yourself. This program not only teaches you how to change your limiting beliefs but motivates you to do so. Working with Tom and Dawn is like having a coach who keeps on pushing you for one more rep.

-Steve Stone, New York

Just How Much Does The Program Cost?

I was told by several well respected colleagues who sell on line training courses and information products that charging what I wanted to charge for such a comprehensive MP3 Audio and PDF program was insane, and perhaps they are right. Personally I know the program is worth literally 10 X that based on the absolutely amazing results it will and has produced. But the way I feel about it is that “I want this information out there” and I am considering this an introductory price.

It’s not $197 like I was told to charge.

It’s not even $59 like I was begged to charge.

Or even $39.

The complete power packed 42 day Winning the Inner Game of Confidence Program

only $17.95

But here’s the thing. That price will go up and very likely double. And it may happen tomorrow.  After that you will not be able to get this introductory price. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to encourage you to take action today so that you not only don’t miss out on this amazing introductory price as well as some of the time and availability sensitive bonuses, but also that you begin right now taming your inner serpent of fear and doubt, by taking action.right now. I know you may have obstacles in your way! That fact will never change! The only thing that can change…is you! You becoming bigger than those obstacles. If that isn’t today then when?


Without question Tom’s influence has been one of the greatest gifts to my
career.  Tom’s biggest passion in life is helping others achieve their
dreams and passions. Tom is not someone that simply talks the talk he walks
the walk. Every tool you’ll learn from The Inner Game of ConfidenceTom
utilizes in his own life everyday.

When I met Tom and Dawn I was going thru a difficult transition they not only
personally helped me rebuild my business, they created an environment that
encouraged me to share and contribute my own philosophy.
Without their generous nature their willingness to share their experience and
expertise I would not have the success I have now.

Kevin Cox

“Best Trainer in Colorado” Core Magazine, 2006

All it takes if confidence and strong self esteem. The rest will follow.
Tom and Dawn have tapped into the ability to help anyone develop the confidence and inner strength to take on whatever challenges stands in their way.
Tom and Dawn are awesome leaders and motivators. Their influence will help shape your career.

Ray Kahn

Kick Fit Athletics

“Top 100 Trainers in America” Men’s Journal

Instructor Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do under Legendary Dan Inosanto

Tom is one of the most motivating & inspirational individuals on the planet. His techniques lead to consistent, repeatable success in business or any area of life.

The techniques used by Tom & Dawn are powerful and are certain to create permanent change in anyone committed to excellence. For trainers looking to be leaders and stand out from the rest, the Inner Game of Confidence is a must.

Traci Brown, ‘Personal Trainer for your Mind’

3 x US Collegiate Cycling Champion


I was always intimidated by gyms and lacked confidence in my ability to make real progress. After just 6 weeks of coaching with Tom Terwillger and using his Inner Game of Confidence techniques my confidence has shot through the roof. I’m now lifting heavier weights and attacking my workouts with more confidence, passion and energy than ever before.

That confidence has extended over to the rest of my life and my business as well. Everyone should use this program to get the results they want. It will almost immediately help you gain the courage and confidence needed to get started and keep moving.

– Randall L. Hoffman

President – Bank of Colorado, Denver Branch.

…simply for making the commitment today. And with the no risk guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything including massive confidence to gain.

Final Note:

I know you may be up against what you perceive as obstacles or legitimate excuses for not taking action right now. That fact will never change.

The only thing that can change is you. You becoming bigger than those obstacle and excuses.

But here’s another fact. “You don’t have to be great to get started. But you do have to get started if you are ever going to be great!”

Isn’t it time you got started with changing your life for the better now and moving forward with confidence toward what you want and deserve.

Take action now. Click the Buy Now button. And do so from a place of certainty and strength and not from fear and doubt. Do it right now before you let that old familiar negative inner voice talk you out of it.

Until we work together “Lead with wisdom and passion,
but be led by your heart”Founder & CEO, Coaching Leadership Excellence

PS: I am committed to helping you develop your true potential as well as your role as a leader. I already know you have greatness inside you. Please allow me the honor and opportunity to of help you manifest it. It’s just waiting to be unleashed.

PSS: Listen. Even if you already think you have enough confidence there is always, always, always another level. And I have to tell you that learning the strategies and coaching tools that this transformation course will teach you will be absolutely invaluable in your ability to help transform the lives of those you coach and train. You can never have enough tools in your toolbox, add this one and watch your ability to change lives soar.